Despite Having Widespread Support, Proposed Pay Raises for Louisiana Teachers Could Fail

Despite having the nearly unanimous support of Louisiana’s residents, a proposed pay raise for Louisiana’s teachers is at risk of failing in the Legislature.

Click here to contact your legislator and tell them to support Teacher Pay Raises for a More Secure Retirement. 

The 2019 Louisiana Survey by LSU shows the proposed raises having nearly unanimous support among Louisianans, with nearly 88% of respondents supporting increased pay for teachers and school support staff according to an article by The Advocate. If approved by the legislature, the raised would mean more consistent increases to the contributions of retirement system members and the state to cover pension obligations. Higher pay would also mean that hard working teachers have the promise of a higher final average compensation—which would them a greater benefit during their retirement years.

Increasing teacher pay in Louisiana means making our retirement systems more secure, and providing more reasonable benefits to retirees throughout the state. But without your help, the Legislature could vote against the raises our teachers deserve.

Click here to contact your legislator and tell them to support teacher pay raises because working Louisianans deserve a secure retirement. 

Ira Wray

Yes indeed.