Victory! Pension hybridization bill defeated

Across Louisiana, public employees – all of whom have faithfully contributed their life savings into the pensions systems - are at the mercy of public officials who have, at times, unfairly targeted their financial security for political gain. The LPPC is working to preserve the financial security of all workers for generations to come.

This 2018 regular legislation session, we've defeated SB 14, this year’s attack on Louisiana’s public pension system, by empowering 60,000 retired state employees to stop the bill in the Louisiana State Senate. 

Please stay vigilant. We will be keeping a close eye on the legislature until the end of session to make sure this harmful bill isn't resurrected. You can help us make sure it stays defeated by signing up to do a letter to the editor of your local newspaper explaining how hybrid pension plans hurt workers and their families. We'll help you with talking points so that you can tell your story with confidence. Sign up below, and we'll get in touch asap!

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