Local educators question proposal to overhaul state's retirement system

Local education experts question a Baton Rouge legislator's proposal to address a growing state employee pension system burden saying the plan is short-sighted and could hurt efforts to hire and retain quality teachers.

Jackie Lansdale, president of local teachers union Red River United, said the proposal — which endeavors  to overhaul the state employee pension system — doesn't address serious issues in the state's education system. Lansdale would rather bill sponsor, Rep. Barry Ivey of  Baton Rouge, address getting more qualified teachers in classrooms. Lansdale also was concerned whether or not the proposed legislation would be viable on the district level due to budget constraints.

"Does it really fix the problem that we're having in public education or does it further undermine?" she asked. "We don't think it fixes what needs to be fixed."

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Source: http://www.shreveporttimes.com/story/news/education/2016/02/11/bill-reform-states-pension-met-silence/80185338/